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What We Believe

"We are here to celebrate God's love and tell others about Jesus."

We are a family of ordinary people who believe in one God who exists forever in three persons - 

“Father, Son and Holy Spirit”

We believe that God has been revealed in creation through the Scriptures. Our perfect Father, He loves us unconditionally. Out of the love for the world, God has made himself known to us in his only Son, Jesus. On the cross Jesus suffered and died once and for all in the place of sinners, reconciling us to God. Jesus rose from death and ascended to Heaven where he is alive today, our intercessor with the Father.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who brings God's power into our lives and makes us aware of our sins. He gives us spiritual gifts to help us worship and serve God and the Bible is inspired by him, entirely trustworthy for the guidance of us all.

All people are entitled to experience the difference that the loving forgiveness of Jesus can make in our lives. It's our responsibility to help this happen.



We want anyone and everyone to feel at home here; our aim is to love you as much as you are open to being loved. God loves and values every single human being, and has actively included everyone in his promise of a new hope for a better future. With this in mind, we want to reflect this in welcoming you and each person we meet, whatever their story, beliefs or lifestyle.


Jesus Christ is and will always be at the heart of who we are, what we believe and why we do what we do. We want to be beacons of light amongst our community, living the kind of lifestyle he so perfectly demonstrated. We know it is not always easy to keep Christ at the centre of everything we do, but we hope that with the prayer, love and support of our fellowship we can share the message of God's love with others.  


We want to support each member of our fellowship and wider community in discovering their God-given gifts. All too often Christianity can become a ‘nice set of beliefs’, but we realise it is much more than that. It is exciting to find that God has special tasks and purposes for us that will use the gifts, skills and experiences he has given us. Discovering these and putting them into action is a challenge and joy.


Interdependence is a vital part of our fellowship. It is not easy to let your guard down, but we hope that by valuing diversity and encouraging honest and vulnerable relationships we can start to achieve social change and enjoy ‘real’ relationships amongst our fellowship and those we meet in our daily life.

Hide it under a Bushel – No!

“This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!”  - We want to look at the bigger picture, we want to be influential through being socially engaged, politically involved and globally aware. We know that this often seems beyond our control and redeeming the world seems at best ‘hopeful’, but we believe in thinking big and that every small difference is a step closer to collectively making a big difference.

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Our Worship Times

Our Sunday service starts at 9.30am and we cater for all ages with separate Children's Groups for Pre-school through to late teenagers. These groups are looked after by our dedicated carers creating a safe and fun environment to learn about the Christian message.

For more information on our worship times, please take a look at our Wworship page.  

Throughout the week we have many social groups running where people can engage with each other and grow. View our social groups page to find out more.

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Our Central Team

We are very blessed to have so many dedicated helpers and without them we couldn’t be the caring fellowship we are. The following list comprises of our Elders and other senior church members who are responsible for the following areas at Wrington Chapel.

  • Duncan Tuck          - Minister/Pastor
  • Alan Durston          - Church Secretary & Elder
  • David Tisdall           - Elder 
  • Jean Durston           - Elder
  • Ian Stacey                 - Elder
  • Jackie Tester            - Elder
  • Wendy Davey          -  Elder
  • Steve Osman            - Treasurer
  • Derek Davey          -   Preaching Plan Secretary and Group Treasurer

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Our Commitments 

United Reformed Church logoWe are committed part of the United Reformed Church (URC). This means that we share the URC's passion and belief that all God’s people should be one. We are also linked to the Lynch Chapel, which is a Baptist/URC Church in Winscombe, particulary as we share our minister with them.

Additionally we are involved with supporting many charities, which include: Christian Aid, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), Bible Society and Tearfund. If you would like to get involved and help us support these remarkable charities, please contact us.

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Prayer Requests

We realise that sometimes you may not feel like asking for prayer during a Sunday morning service for many reasons or you may not have had the chance, but that doesn't meant we can't pray for you. We also want you to know that prayer is 100% confidential.

If you would like us to pray for you or you have someone else you would like us to pray for, please email our dedicated Chapel Elders, get in touch by phone or via the contact us page.

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